Un pie en Versailles



Un pie en Versailles, is a shoe shop from the past, a time machine. A small, familiar, artisanal boutique from another era. Their shoes are not manufactured in a factory, but instead are handmade in a workshop: one by one, gently, efficiently, with tenderness and care, all bespoke and made in Spain… .Comme il Faut.
Although it may seem unbelievable, in their atelier it smells like leather, glue, wood…of Paris, of candle wax, macarons, of a story, of whims and of miracles. To be able to play around with 110 different colors and 4 types of leathers, pure luxury! They have penny loafers, ankle boots, brogues, boots, derby shoes and sweet Mary Janes, as well as soft sheepskin shoes and our ever popular “Versaillina”. Sizes range from 15-41, all at the feet of the Marie Antoinettes from this century. We are a modern day shop styled on the past….. a jewel of a store difficult to find.


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