Papinee is a 21st Century Children’s Company created to give modern parents the best quality toys and the richest of stories to bond, educate, and entertain tomorrow’s global citizens.
PAPINEE’s exceptionally crafted toys, books, accessories & storytelling kits assist parents in giving the gift of imagination to their little ones through interactive, instructional and educational play. PAPINEE empowers adults to inspire their future leaders to be curious, thoughtful, brave and to dream the impossible.
PAPINEE’s social mission ‘Give Together’ focuses on bringing hope, inspiration and imagination to disadvantaged children and those challenged by illness across the globe.
For example, the PAPINEE Deer in red, white and black is created to provide a specific color contrast to babies, who in their first six months of development, can only see these colors. Other sound and touch features are also built into the body and ears of the Deer for maximum stimuli, and our toy fabric ‘hair’ is exceedingly short to minimize dust and dirt accumulation. And even though beautifully colored and embroidered, PAPINEE toys are tough enough to withstand the roughest play.
PAPINEE aims to INSPIRE. We do our best to spread imagination all over the globe through a unique storytelling outreach. For each PAPINEE Animalia Storytelling kit sold, a PAPINEE Inspire Coloring kit is given to a child in need.
PAPINEE works TOGETHER with partners around the world on creative children’s projects to raise money for various NGO’s focused on children.
PAPINEE’s COMMUNITY movement encourages volunteer storytellers to take time out of their busy schedules to reach out and connect with children who need compassion, encouragement and the will to achieve their dreams.
PAPINEE can be found in over 70 on-trend retailers around the world including Harrods, Bergdorf Goodman, Lane Crawford, Sogo, Four Seasons Hotels, Shin Kong Place, Harvey Nichols, Webster Miami, Kidette Dubai, Club21, Sogo, Konzepp, D’NA, SKP Beijing, and more.

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